Alcohol Cheaper Than Water? Find it Down Under!

Ethanol in various shapes.

On October 8, 2010 a study in New Zealand pointed out that alcohol has become cheaper than one thing humans rely on…water! Researchers conducting this survey convey that they feel there may be a serious health issue when it comes to the price ratio of alcohol to water. “International scientific evidence strongly indicates that cheap alcohol is a factor in promoting binge drinking by young people, and in increasing the overall size of the health and social harm from alcohol misuse,” associate professor Nick Wilson said. In Otago, New Zealand, researchers of Otago University found the cost of wine (.62 cents) per drink was .5 cents cheaper than a bottle of water (.67 cents). The New Zealand medical Journal has also discovered that the price of alcohol keeps decreasing as the minimum wage continues to increase. The reason for such cheap booze in the past recent years is due to the fact that winemakers seek to offload excess stock they have. Wilson and co-researcher Fiona Gunasekara feel that this cheap alcohol is taking a toll on New Zealand’s health. They urged the government to raise taxes on alcohol and control marketing and sponsorship actives to control the consumption of alcohol. “Our analysis suggests alcohol is now probably the cheapest recreational drug in New Zealand and has become increasingly affordable, at the same time as concern about binge drinking culture has grown,” Wilson said. While New Zealand seems to look down upon the price of alcohol, in ones opinion, one can be sure that everywhere else, people are wishing for the same price change to happen in their own region.

By: Roxanne Allen, IB12



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