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1 Question, 3 Answers.

Do you think being homosexual is a choice or a trait that someone is born with?

Paul R, Paul G & Gustav

Gustav Karlbrink, NP2: I think actually it’s a bit of both but I believe most is choice because like 90% of your actions come from where you live and the people that you live with, so I think I think they get it from their own choice.

Paul Rodriguez, SP3A: For me its 50-50 %. It could be the environment that made him/her in to that kind of person or it could be part of his/her genes.

Paul Greco, IB12: Well actually I think it’s different from person to person. Some people are at an early age very clearly prone to what we see as homosexual tendencies and remain that way their whole lives whereas other people often change their sexual leaning later on in life, having been dissatisfied with their experiences with the opposite sex.
Then again that could also mean that they’ve always been gay.


Prejudices about Gothenburg Gymnasiums.

I have interviewed people in town and some students at IHGR and asked them about their prejudices, they have unleashed all their prejudices about the high schools in Gothenburg. The students that have been interviewed are:

Aida, Humberto & Foos

Anonymous, SP3a

Aida Hakimi, SP2B

Foos Ali, SP2A

Humberto De Armas, IB12

Which high school is IHGR’s greatest rival?

Anonymous: No high school, all the high schools in Gothenburg are really lame compared to IHGR!
Aida: Any other English speaking school, such as Engelska Gymnasiet. However, IHGR stands out because we are, as far as I know, the only international school governed by Gothenburg’s municipality. Hvitfeldtska’s IB program might be a big rival as well.
Foos: IT college.
Humberto: I guess Hvitfeldtska .

The high school with the best dressed / best looking students are:

Anonymous: I haven’t been at all the schools and seen the students, but IHGR will be damn far down. I don’t like brat high schools, Schillerska’s students seem to have a very nice style and students. Being well dressed is not by wearing expensive clothes, but by being interesting. The really interesting fashion styles are found in Schillerska.
Aida: I think I have to say Göteborgs Högre Samskolan. Every time I’m in that school it feels like I’m in the headquarters of Vogue Magazine or something. Even the teachers dress fancy.
Foos: IHGR undoubtedly.
Humberto: I would say somewhere in like Hovås.

The high school with the worst dressed / ugliest students are:

Anonymous: Definitely Munkebäck, I sound really shitty, but it’s true. Or Sigrid Rudebecks they only have M.U.F students there. Seriously, Munkebäck have so much ugly people that you have to close your eyes half the time you are there, The brats in Sam is too much “dad pays everything”, Rudebeck is a math geek and brat school and Hvitfeldtska are only dressed in MQ.
Aida:I don’t know. I can’t think of any high school that stands out because of their student’s ugly clothing style.

Which high school has the most motivated students?

Anonymous: Sigrid Rudebeck, I have heard that you become war wounded after going at that school.
Aida: Donner Senior High School is known for their ambitious and all student-MVG. However, I think we do a pretty good job here at IHGR.
Foos: IHGR.
Humberto: GTG.

Which high school has the least motivated students?

Anonymous: Burgården.
Aida: Any school with low admission points.
Foos: IHGR.
Humberto: Angered.

The people we asked had really different opinions about IHGR. IHGR is a weird high school, IHGR is too chill, and IHGR is a huge freak show and  have really hot chicks.

Here are some more associations:
Global. Love all the people in the world. International. Round. Africa. Odd. Girls. Be kind to everyone. English environment. English. Typical “American High School”. Immature. “Fjortis”. Players. Small criminal. Guys with invertebrate complexes. Soft. Great. Beautiful. Creepy building. Scary faces. Fun. Immigrant school. Wannabe American high school. Probably lame. Reality. Super chill. Revolting. Right wing stupid people. Hot girls. Amazing.

By: Sara Aman, SP2A