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In the Spotlight: Jamie Rinder.

Jamie Rinder

Date of birth: 6th of July, 1978

Horoscope: Cancer

Family: Single. Divorced parents and a younger brother.

So, Jamie, where did you grow up?

In Ipswich, Suffolk in Great Britain. I lived there until I was 18 years old, and then went off to university in Liverpool. Later I studied in Nottingham and Cambridge as well, but I’ve never moved back to Ipswich.

How did you end up in Sweden?

Well, it’s a long story. One year ago I lived in London, working as a languages teacher. I had worked with many Swedish pupils before and by coincidence one evening I ended up at a Swedish party named ”Scandi-Pop” where I was introduced to some fun Swedish people and Scandinavian music. Later I went to Spain for a conference and there I met Lee Brown who offered me a job at IHGR. Since I connected Sweden with nice things, and figured I needed an adventure, I accepted the offer and moved here.

What were your future plans when you were in high school?

It’s kind of sad, but I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was 11 years old. A language teacher. Over the years I’ve understood that a good command of a sensitivity to language are important – you have to be able to express yourself in order to defend your ideas or be yourself.

When you are not correcting texts, what do you do?

Right now I spend a lot of time discovering Gothenburg, going to the cinema or visiting exhibitions. It took me some time to find a flat, and I’m also practising my Swedish.

What is the most challenging thing being a teacher?

(Thinking) Overall, it’s trying to keep things interesting. Here at ISGR, it’s the feeling of being new. Things are very different here. The informality between student and teacher, for example… And it takes some time to get used to the Swedish school system.

5 Quick:


Shakespeare/Virginia Woolf


Resturant in Rome/Amusement park in USA

Major gramatic mistakes/Misspellings on simple words

By: Katja Slonawski, IB11