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Street League.

The street league arena

Rob Dyrdek’s been featured on shows such as “Rob and Big” and “Fantasy Factory”  on Mtv, but now Dyrdek’s turned to a whole new level of broadcasting. In cooperation with ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) Street League’s portrayed just as the other main sport broadcasts on television. Now that the site’s been put up to people worldwide (meaning those even without the ESPN channel) are able to view this event. Street League is the competition that has got to offer over a million dollars worth of prizes for worldwide professionals skateboarders. This is the biggest a skate competition has gone. To add the cherry on top they have announcers Steve Berra and of course Dyrdek (who are actually pro skaters themselves!). In previous competitions there had been issues due to the fact that majority of the people working didn’t even know who the pro skaters were.  Funny story following up to this was when Sean Malto (whom you’ll be hearing about later) was left outside Dew Tour (another skate competition) because they, the announcers, didn’t even know who he was!

Anyways this won’t happen here and the comfort level has definitely increased for the pros. They all get a chance to warm up (pre-skate the parks) weeks in advance just to get the perfect feeling of each location.  The competition initially began out in Arizona to be won by Nyjah Huston (only 15 years old). He’s proven to be the youngest skateboarder in history to have won not only the first Street League stop, but also the first to have won $150,000.00 in one day off of skateboarding. It’s insane. Stop two consisted of the craziest battle between skateboarders Sean Malto and Chaz Ortiz. Once again they had an incredibly young skater in this section and that was Chaz who is only sixteen years old. He ended up bailing (missing) his last trick and loosing to Sean Malto’s backside overcrook (super awesome trick). Sean then won the second stop which was situated in California. Cool story about this guy was that he actually came to Sweden about a year back and after meeting and chilling with him I realized how consistent he really was. What I mean to say is that he lands all of his tricks on the first try to the point where you question whether this dude will ever bail. Malto pretty much didn’t bail and this gave him his 150 grand award for the winning of the second stop.  The final stop was also pretty intense! Chris Cole (a legendary skateboarder) was at the bottom of these competitions for the longest time. He was definitely pleasing the crowd (doing tricks that aren‘t hard yet look cool), but for the most part seemed to not care too much about winning till this final round. He was going head to head with the new Australian rookie, Shane O’Neal. It was crazy how the mix (arrange of skaters) got thrown from 1st place to last throughout the stop. To find out more on who won the overall tournament and last round check out Street League. Make sure to have some snacks and energy drinks because you can’t afford to blink during this sick competition, dudes.

By: Majid Ahy, IB12