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Introducing Stella.


Stella is that go- to- friend when you just need a bit of unbiased advice, the gossip queen or whatever else you make her or need her to be. The idea is that if you send an e-mail to Stella, requesting to be anonymous, the Itch will under no circumstances publish your name or contact information. But if you’re cool with having say, your first name or nickname as signature, then that’s alright. We won’t exactly point a gun to your head. The only one who reads the e-mails is Stella, and she’s sworn to secrecy. The consequences of her outing someone are really serious, which she knows. With that said, I can personally vouch for her, as I trust her completely and I’m convinced she’ll do a great job. She’s so special in fact, that she’s getting her own category 🙂

You can reach her at:

By: Sarah Ahassad, SP3B (Editor-in-Chief)


Another Itcher!

Majid, IB12

Yoo, you probably don’t know me so I’ll start out by saying the name’s Majid Ahy. I’ve been lurking around this school for three mighty long years. Currently attending my senior year of IB and therefore you may call me senior. Anyways names are just a small bit of my past. I’ve been brought up in the U.S in the state of Virginia. Down there my daily life consisted of the smell of diesel (motorcross, Atv, and such), crab-fishing, and boating. Mhm yer darn right – I’m from the South. I’ve moved in between the time that I lived there to Saudi Arabia and often vacationed in Dubai to catch a glimpse of my homeland Iran. I’m actually half Persian incase you’re wondering. Also half Swedish (born in Umeå). Crazy mix I know, but it’s cool I suppose. I skateboard more than I walk and I listen to music more than I talk just incase you think I’m anti-social (there’s my excuse). I listen to mostly anything, but my taste is Nickleback for the most part yet I live by Kid Cudi’s lyrics. I love Redbull and “Monster Girls”, but Jenny Swanson definitely takes the prize. Lastly I’m a pretty chill guy besides when it comes to partying. I go hard in the paint!

Who are we?

Some of these faces you probably know or recognize, but if not, take a minute to get acquainted with the faces behind the articles.

Sarah, SP3B

I’ve been called “Mrs President”, “Boss lady” and probably some other thing I can’t remember. My formal title is, however, Editor-in-Chief. But you can just refer to me as “that stressed looking girl in the corridor” or simply Sarah. Either way works fine by me. I’ve dedicated two years of my life to the Itch, writing, creating the front cover, interviewing people, handling certain legal documents, running errands etc etc. If that makes me devoted, or just a no-lifer, I’m not sure yet. I have a crippling, almost paralyzing fear of heights, I’m as indecisive as you can get, and I can’t do maths to save my own life.  There is nothing I can’t or won’t trip/knock over, spill, collide with, walk right into or break. Not a lot of people can manage tripping over their own two feet on completely smooth, freshly made asphalt or break a glass by just picking it up. Some say it’s a severe case of the clumsy, but I say its talent.

Katja, IB11

So, does an IB student have a life outside school? As a matter of fact; yes, I do. With a size plus family with extra everything, nothing gets boring, right? I can’t live without music and silence in equal parts, and by music I mean mostly Ane Brun, Sinéad O’Connor, Edith Piaf, Anna von Hauswolff, and various movie soundtracks. I absolutely love water and books, and to be in movement.

Roxanne, IB12

The names Roxanne, but I’d prefer to just be called Roxxx. Plain and simple. But to describe me as that.. would be far from it. I’m loud (if you havent noticed already) and I quite havent mastered the art of keeping silent yet. Born and raised in LosAngeles, California and moved to Gothenburg last year. After finishing IB this year, I plan on GOING GOING BACK BACK TO CALI CALI. I’m mortified of portable toilets, deep bodies of water, and rollercoasters. I relish piercings(that’s obvious if you look at my face) and tattoos(it’s an under appreciated form of art). I’m rather complex so I advise you not to try and figure me out, cause half the time I’m confused myself. Take the chance to know me, I assure you that you wont regret it 🙂

Sophie, SP2B

Oi! This is Sophie. Soph for short, whatever.. I’m 18 and currently redoing second grade in the Social Science programme. I love travelling and being everywhere but Sweden. I also enjoy popping bubble-wrap and stuffing my face with chocolate.. What’s my role in The Itch? I’m the chick taking the photos. I like writing though, so you’ll see some of that, too. If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to try and assist you with anything related to The Itch, photography or school. Other than that, I’m pretty much an open book. So read me :] Peace!

Jake, IB12
Whats up, I’m Jake Linne. I was born in Colorado, moved to Skåne when I was 10, moved to California when I was 13, and now I live in Gothenburg. I’m pretty easy going, or at least I try to be. I’m a pro at crastinating so I kind of have to rush this because I’m late. I love to longboard in the summer and I snowboard in the winter. I also play a little guitar, but I emphasize little. I get pretty good grades in English and I guess I’m usually a good writer (except for this), so that’s why I’m writing for the Itch again this year. Hopefully it will be an interesting read for you all. That should about cover it, I have to go work on the other article due soon, later.

Homa, NP3

A few months ago I read the ITCH, and there Katja Slonawski introduced herself for IHGR, with other words you and me.
In the beginning of her article she asked us all” if we had any idea of how hard it is to write about oneself?”
Well let me tell you honey, I don’t know about you guys and girls but, I do know for sure that I have had a very hard time writing about myself. To boost my previous statement I want to share a small secret with you all. You probably did not expect me to be telling you this.
But you should know that it actually took me one year and six months to be able to take the first step towards actually applying for ITCH.
(apart from what I just shared hihi ^^) you might have noticed that I still haven’t introduced myself (hihihi).
I guess it is just one of my bad habits, I usually circle around the matter first so I can save the juicy part for last.
Well anyhow here we go, I belong to the (noisy program) Np3 and my name is Homa Najafi, but you may call me Homey.
Besides talking, which probably is one of my favourite hobbies, I like basketball, yoga, art, books, family, friends etc.
It can take me days or even months to write this list of mine, but I won’t torture either of us by taking that action.
It might be interesting to know about one of my obsessions, which is Gossip Girl.
Yeah I know some of you out there will sigh and say “typical”, but give me a break here will you. I am being sincere and since I am already confessing I might as well tell that the favorite couple is of course Blair (me) and Chuck (my future boyfriend). So if this is not enough information about me and you want to get to know me more, then start reading ITCH because I might show up very soon. Till next time au revoir /xoxo Homey I know you love me.

Sara, SP2A

Who am I? For the most part, I am a happy person and I really love to laugh that’s obviously why people don’t tend to take me seriously. I am a bit of a chatterbox. I like when something happens in everyday life, adventure and excitement are two needs in my life. I have a lot of energy and always want something new to chew on! (Now I’m not talking about food and sweets, not because it is wrong to bite into them). I am currently living in Gothenburg and have been doing that the last 16 years of my life. But I want to do something huge like fly in a hot air balloon to the Atlantic or I dream about doing that. Am I lazy or driven? A little bit of both. I tend to go to school everyday does that count?  I influences from everywhere. “Everything.” People’s conversations, things I read like books, magazines, things I see around me, old stuff, new stuff, art, film, music and even bagatelles. I can be inspired at any moment by the strangest things. I am seldom bored. I get ideas fast — some of them are even good ideas.

Humberto, IB12

Hello! My name is Humberto, if you can say it right then that’s a plus. I’m originally from Caracas, Venezuela but my mom is swedish and my dad is american, I just happened to have been born and raised down there. My birthday is on November 20th and I’m a scorpio. I’m most outgoing and I love new things… well, usually I do. I’m a musician, specifically a bassist. I love playing, composing, and hopefully next year I’ll be going to Berklee to study music. I also like skateboarding, but that’s more of a past time than anything I take seriously. I’m a senior this year which means only one more year in high school and then off to college! An idea that I haven’t decided whether I like or not because they say the high school years are the best, but on the other hand… college, y’ know? See you around.