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The Art of Trolling.


“What is a troll?” you might ask –  and no, it’s not a little ugly creature that lives underneath a rock and annoys Ronja in the woods.  I’m talking about the scum of the interwebs: the real troll.

In the world of the internet, a troll can be spotted in many ways. A troll is someone that will go against the direction of the people it is around, posting inflamatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in a discussion board, blog, or thread with the sole purpose of causing controversy or simply to enrage or make fun of the people involved. Many times, trolls can be funny, but usually this is not the case.

There are different ways a person can become a troll, once they become trolls, they stop being people in the eyes of the internet. Most of the time trolls, in real life, are geeks who have nothing better to do than go on 4chan and play WoW in their parents’ basement. Trolling can be done by posting comments that contradict common knowledge in order to get a lot of comments back, that deliberately insult the readers of a thread, or causing misfortune to the readers who are not aware that they are being trolled and are not familiar with it. There are also the real-life trolls, though these are rarely seen, they are pranksters who just mess with people. Trolls are always anonymous, therefore not many are seen in reality.

Some of you might be familiar with the troll face:

This character is what is most commonly used to personify a troll. If you encounter and identify a troll you must remember some of the basic rules of the internet, these are the ones concercing trolls:

–       Rule #14 – Do not argue with trolls, it means they win – Do NOT feed the troll. This means that if you spot a troll, IGNORE IT! If you engage in an argument with the troll, it has already won.

–       Rule #19 – The more you hate it, the stronger it gets – I think this rule speaks for itself.

–       Rule #20 – Nothing is to be taken seriously – Anything anybody says can easily be ignored, this rule especially applies for trolls.

The sole purpose of a troll is to cause revolt and misfortune, though sometimes extremely humorous, trolls are never to be accepted, so remember, don’t feed the troll, and most importantly: don’t be a troll!!

By: Humberto De Armas, IB12


The Never Ending Battle: Mac vs. PC.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

This is one of the everlasting issues of the internet, and the world. Many people debate whether Apple is better than Microsoft or vice-versa. The people can be divided into two categories, Mac people, and PC people.

Stereotypically, Mac people are those indie looking kids with tight pants, converse shoes and their CD collection ranges all the way from Sonic Youth to Queens of the Stone Age to Simon and Garfunkel, in the world of the internet, they are massively hated on with nicknames such as ‘macfag’ etc. On the other hand, PC people are thought of as those gamer kids who do nothing but play World of Warcraft on a Saturday night with a lifetime supply of raman noodles and soda. Those are the two main arguments of the people of the internet.

Macs give you a sense of individuality, are stylish, and have different applications aimed more towards the artistic side of people with editing programs such as Final Cut for films, Pro Tools for music editing, and Photo Booth which its only use is for people to post goofy pictures of themselves on facebook.  PC’s are more for the businessmen who like to keep track of their documents in a more stern and ‘traditional’ way, the gamer kids, and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t know what they really want in a computer.

The war started in 1976, when after only a year of Microsoft’s existence , Apple Inc. was founded. In the early years, Apple was nothing but the runner-up company to Bill Gate’s soon-to-be empire. Through the 80’s and 90’s Microsoft was the leading company. In the early 2000’s Apple started making a comeback with the new iMac and the creation of the iPod, a product that would change the way people listen to music, Microsoft however, was still the bigger industry. In recent years though, statistics showed that the value and popularity of Apple has surpassed that of Microsoft with a value 200 billion dollars, while Microsoft is worth 197 billion. Apple is no longer the underdog.

Regardless, the question still remains, Apple or Microsoft. Which one are you?

By: Humberto De Armas, IB12